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Andres Cantor featured in the latest Geico commercialavatar

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I love a good commercial. 

Today I saw the Geico commercial featuring Andres Cantor! Cantor is commentating on a chess game.

“Can futbol announcer Andres Cantor make any sport exciting?”

“Un partido intenso hoy!”

“Que tension! Viene! Viene! Viene!”


Check it out on YouTube. Here’s the link:

It’s garnered 215,918 hits.

The Honest Abe is hilarious too! It has 86,933 hits.

The Drill Sergeant (242,212 hits), played by R. Lee Ermey, is another favorite.

So unlike the horrible Bush Beans commercials! Dude, step out a little.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

July 7th, 2010 at 10:36 pm

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