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Paul Rodríguez cancels show in Arizonaavatar

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Comedian Paul Rodríguez is the latest person to voice his opposition against SB 1070, the recently passed Arizona law that targets undocumented immigrants. (Click here to read Vida’s story about the law.)

paulIn a recent press release, Rodríguez, who is also the chairman of the California Latino Water Coalition, announced he has cancelled a sold-out show in Chandler, Ariz., that was scheduled for this weekend.

“I believe that as a Latino organization, we must step up to the plate and call foul on those who will discriminate against our Latino brothers and sisters,” he said. “Our fight is to make sure our people have access to safe and reliable water to ensure a future for them and their children, but how can they have a future if they are being persecuted in our neighboring state?

In the ABC 7 video below, Rodríguez further explains why he will not be performing in Arizona this weekend, and urges other Latinos to oppose the law. And of course, Rodríguez finds a way to insert a laught into this serious situation.

“I myself am calling on everybody named Rodríguez not to go to Arizona,” Rodríguez said in the video clip. “That’s a few million right there, that going to hurt them.

Written by Rebecca Plevin

April 28th, 2010 at 1:45 pm

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