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Mural nay-sayers, watch out. A new generation of artists is learning the joys of painting the city’s walls.

 Local artist Teresa Flores (disclosure: my friend) has partnered with Roberto Del Hoyo, a masters student at Otis College of Art and Design to create a mural project, LA to Fresno/Fresno to LA.
For the project, students from Los Angeles began painting a mural on a giant tarp. They painted a huge Dodgers baseball cap, and painted scenes of the city within it. There is also religious imagery, and gates.

They then sent the tarp to Fresno, so Teresa and three local high school students – César López, 15, of Central High School West, Stephanie Szabo, 17, of Bullard High School, and Micaela Robles, 15, of McLane High School – could add images of their city to the mural.

I checked out the work in progress today at Arte Américas. The students are painting with Nova Color paints – the preferred paint of LA muralists, Teresa says – and so far, they’ve painted Fresno’s water tower, scenes from the Chaffee Zoo, and agricultural fields.

The goal of the mural project, Teresa explained to me, is to create a pictorial dialogue between the LA and Fresno students. But to me, it seems like this project is also teaching students about how people can make statements with public art. And after last year’s controversial Tower District mural, I think this city can use all the mural supporters it can find – or foster!mural

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March 31st, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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