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Is this the season to march?

In the span of a few weeks, I covered an immigration march in downtown Fresno and a César E. Chávez march in Delano, and visited with participants in the March for California’s Future in Dinuba.

So far, I know of  at least two marches on April 10: There are going to be marches promoting respect and justice for former braceros, and a friend informed me of the March to the Mailbox, a local Census-related event. And as in past years, there will be a May 1 march for immigration in Fresno.

Do you plan on marching soon? Here are five tips, from the professional March Reporter herself, to ensure that your event is festive and effective:

  1. March with a purpose: Make sure every participant knows why he or she is marching. If you’re not marching with a purpose, then you’re just walking aimlessly.Immigration-6
  2. Dress for success: At the immigration march, I interviewed a family who wore matching white t-shirts to symbolize peace. Their dress code demonstrated family unity and dedication to their cause.
  3. Follow the signs: I love when people march with hand-lettered signs. Again, it shows a thoughtful dedication to the cause.
  4. Will march for refreshments: At the Chávez march in Delano, organizers handed out cold bottles of water throughout the event. Refreshing beverages definitely lift marchers’ spirits!
  5. 5. Campaign stop: Some politicians seem to view marches as campaign stops. They get the participants fired up, and then disappear before hitting the streets with the people. That’s why it was great to see politicians like San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom, state senator Gloria Romero, and assembly candidate Fran Florez holding a large banner as they marched down the streets of Delano on Sunday.


Have you marched recently? What advice do you give to future marchers?

To read more about the Chávez march, read this week’s edition of Vida. All photos by Daniel Casarez of Vida.

Written by Rebecca Plevin

March 30th, 2010 at 3:17 pm

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