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People heed Tiger’s confessionavatar

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U.S. team member Tiger Woods at 2009 President's Cup in San Francisco.

U.S. team member Tiger Woods at 2009 President's Cup in San Francisco. Photo: McClatchy.

Tiger Woods’ public apology should be a stern reminder to people who think they have the right to break the rules.

The question as to whether Woods is the best athlete to grace a golf course meant little today.  With eyes welled and his mother, Kultida Woods, sitting in the front row, he admitted he’s “not above the standards” as photographers and other media recorded every word.

I’m sure the entire scenario will one day make for an easy question and the name Tiger will score a board gamer some points. Not unlike America’s worst houseguest Kato Kaelin (Brian Jerard).

Woods may be the greatest golfer that’s ever lived, as some have said, but the worldwide fame, the money and ammenities that come with it, are not to be confused with all-access passes … not in this world.  Whether Tiger’s neighbors, police, agents or lawyers have covered for him, he’s not entitled to a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card.

So many others should be asking themselves if they practice ”repeated irresponsible behavoir” in their lives?   Tough questions arise: Do you lie by omission or directly? Do you look away allowing others to cheat? Does your behavior affect others? If you do, you should know the practice is nothing-less than disgusting. Don’t be too sure you’re actually getting away with anything.  Like in Tiger’s case, someone, somewhere is watching. And even Tiger’s million-dollar entourage can’t help him now.

For Woods, the game made him a billionaire, but the reason photographers are following him these days is to cash in on the picture the tabloids will pay tens of thousands of dollars for before he disappears to therapy for sex addiction.

Do you think you live outside the ropes?  Whether you care to admit it or not, you may not have to acknowledge anything on the scale of Tiger, or any of the following characters. You can simply cry later in private, just don’t try visiting Tiger’s house anytime soon.

Other apologetic individuals: In the way of public apologies, he joins the long list published by the Orlando Sentinel: NFL quarterback Michael Vick, actor and Jewish basher Mel Gibson, New York Yankees’ baseball great Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, one of the best clutch basketball that has ever lived Kobe Bryant, television evangelist Jim Bakker.

Visit to see the entire list.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

February 19th, 2010 at 6:16 pm

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