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In the Jan. 13 edition of Vida, we wrote a story about the drug-related violence in México.

In that story, I wrote that more than15,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence since Mexican President Felipe Calderón launched a drug offensive three years ago, according to the Los Angeles Times.

I wrote that though the violence traditionally affected drug traffickers, police, and members of the military, it was also spilling over into civilian life, impacting government officials, journalists, and innocent citizens.

The Consul of México in Fresno responded to our article in this week’s edition of the paper. She said Mexicans and tourist should not be afraid to travel to the country, because media reports don’t offer a complete picture of what México is.

Frida-Sacto.-074So I was surprised, and a little amused, to see the New York Times article, “36 Hours in Mexico City.” This the introductory paragraph:

POOR Mexico City. Just as it was luring back travelers with cool new hotels, a flourishing contemporary art scene and semi-endurable pollution levels, Mexico’s escalating drug violence became front-page news. Then the capital became a swine flu epicenter. Suddenly, a run for the border didn’t seem like such a smart idea. Ready for the truth? The time to visit this megacity — about 20 million people live in the metropolitan area — has rarely been better.

What is your opinion? Are you still traveling to México?


Photo caption: The NYT recommends visiting the former home of a socialite art collector to view Frida Kahlo’s work. Photo by Vida en el Valle


Written by Rebecca Plevin

January 22nd, 2010 at 12:35 pm

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