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Part 2: Where community, healthy food intersectavatar

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Since I wrote my last blog, I’ve continued to think about the local food movement, people’s access to healthy food, and the intersection of those two issues. And I’ve happily noticed that people and establishments that support the local food movement ALSO make an effort to support lower-income families through the Community Food Bank.

Here are some great examples:

  • I recently joined T&D Willey Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture program, and we picked up our first box of organic apples, leeks, and leafy greens on Wednesday. During weeks that we’re out of town or can’t pick up our box of abundance, we can either put a “hold” on the box – or the box of food will be donated to local families in need.turkey-din


  • The local food Web site, TasteFresno, is running a recipe drive. For every recipe added to the site through the end of November, TasteFresno will donate $1 to the Community Food Bank. Blogger James Collier also encourages readers to match TasteFresno’s donations or volunteer at the food bank, among other opportunities.


  • If you shop at Whole Foods and bring a reusable grocery bag, you have the option of donating five cents to local charitable organizations, including the Community Food Bank. Save Mart is also supporting local food banks by selling, pre-packaged grocery bag, full of staples like evaporated milk, canned vegetables and canned tuna, for $10 or $20, and donating an additional 10 percent in non-perishable foods to food banks.turkeygive

As the holidays approach, know that you there are ways that you can “vote with your dollars” both for local, fresh food, and for making food more accessible for members of your community.

Written by Rebecca Plevin

November 20th, 2009 at 10:26 am

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