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Brazil’s Second Division soccer is deadly toughavatar

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Players in the Brazlian second-division soccer team Portuguesa were threatened by armed men who entered the locker room after the squad’s sixth loss in the league.
Coach, or former coach I should say, Rene Simoes has left the team since the incident took place last Tuesday after a 2-1 loss to Vila Nova. Simoes had just joined the team about two weeks ago.
Soccer is serious biz with a lot of people. When I was in Argentina about five years ago, I read in the local papers that fans of rival clubs were stopping their buses to fight each other right on the freeway.
Maybe it’s Portuguesa’s hardcore fans just working on a bit of negative reinforcement? Threatening the team with violence and the ‘do better, or else’ attitude just might bring about a victory. Maybe not.
I wonder if that would work with my friends on the Fresno Fuego? No.
According to Portuguesa, the armed men were security guards at the facility. I guess the same guys hired to protect the players? That’s a joke!

Written by Daniel Cásarez

August 26th, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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