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Nevada Approves Replay for Boxing, MMA; limits use thoughavatar

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México's flagship boxer Juan Manuel Márquez.

México's flagship boxer Juan Manuel Márquez.

What boxer would purposely hit below the belt? What professional would headbutt his opponent just so that the bout can go straight to the scorecards, rather than duke it out?

Well apparently they’re out there. And that’s one of the reasons the Nevada Athletic Commission yesterday approved the use of replay for referees in boxing and mixed martial arts events.

Sometimes a headbutt is ruled accidental. As is a low-blow. And sometimes these officials miss the call. Yeah, I know! Not like an official to miss the freakin’ call! It happens.

In the case of an accidental headbutt; a bout can be stopped before its scheduled end and go straight to the scorecards if a competitor cannot go on because of a swollen eye due to the headbutt.

Here’s where replay fits in: Trainers, coaches, basically anyone in the corner can ask the referee to go to the camera.

A ruling can then be reversed, but if the video is inconclusive, the call will stand.

The use of replay could begin in 30 days. This means boxing fans yearning for the bout between México’s proud flagship Juan Manuel Márquez and undefeated Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (although he loses to Bill Kurtis on TV) on Sept. 19 could see it with an occassional stoppage because of replay.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

August 21st, 2009 at 6:31 pm

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