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A Tough Week: Jon & Kate; Ed McMahon; Farrah & Michaelavatar

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Michael Jackson/Notimex

Michael Jackson/Notimex

What a week!

At least we have the memories.

Some of my friends were practically heartbroken over the divorce of Jon & Kate. I must admit, Kate bugged sometimes but I didn’t want this, especially since it will affect all the kids. Now this IS reality TV. I just wish TLC would not sell it like they are. It’s all money. Jon, dude what are you thinking? God, I just hope those kids will be all right. Stay tough, Maddie.

I remember watching Ed McMahon, the famous sidekick of sidekicks on the Johnny Carson Show. Do you remember when Johnny would conduct the band at the beginning of the show right after his monologue? The sway of the hand. What a memory. Damn I’m old. 

And I remember Farrah. “Charlie’s Angels” with Bosley and the gang. Then there was the HBO Special where Farrah shared her personal life and her fight with cancer.  I’ll remember the way she would want to be remembered, I’m sure.

Michael. He was awesome. Eddie Van Halen played on one of his songs; he only used the best musicians. When I played in the Top 40 band, we used to some of Jackson’s songs, who didn’t. That’s a memory. But, I was was one of those people who wanted to say to the supporters during the allegations, ‘Do you people even know him?’ And now he’s gone too.

What a sad %^&*() week. These are all sad stories, but I think what I need to keep in mind too are the starving children of the world; the Iraq War and its casualties, Afghanistan, Iran, Africa, etcetera.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

June 26th, 2009 at 1:33 am

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  1. I won’s give my age away but I remember Farrah Fawcett Majors!



    27 Jun 09 at 6:00 pm

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