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Yeehaw! VIDEO from the Clovis Rodeoavatar

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I had no idea what to expect from my first trip to the Clovis Rodeo. I assumed there would be bulls and horses, hats and belt buckles, tri-tip sandwiches and beer – but I didn’t know I would be so thoroughly entertained!

I went to the rodeo on Saturday afternoon – it was a beautiful, sunny day and my new cowgirl hat kept me delightfully cool. During the afternoon, I watched cowboys attempt to ride bucking horses and bucking bulls and I swooned as adorable little children tried to ride sheep. The announcer and the rodeo clown kept the show moving, the cowboys’ theme songs kept the crowd dancing, and my rodeo companion’s nervous squeals whenever a bull’s horns came dangerously close to a cowboy’s body kept me laughing.

The only downside of the rodeo was an event I boycotted: A cowboy on horseback had to lasso a young calf around the neck and then jump off the horse, tie the calf’s legs together, and drag it out of the ring as if it were a dead bull. Maybe it’s my vegetarian instincts, but it was just painful to watch a little calf be treated that way!

To those of you who didn’t go to the rodeo: You must go next year! But lucky for you, I have some fun, short clips from the rodeo. Check them out:

This guy is just good:


Eek! He’s coming too close!!


Written by Rebecca Plevin

April 28th, 2009 at 10:24 am

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