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Clovis West students to abduct themselves on April 25thavatar

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On April 25th students from Clovis West High will be abducting themselves in hopes that they can make a difference for children they’ve never seen. To fully understand what they will set out to do you’d need to watch the video at . It takes a little while to see the entire video, but it’ll leave you feeling much more appreciative about how we live our lives, even with the many problems we face.  If you’re a parent prepare to shed a tear.  

The CW students will abduct themselves in hopes that they will draw enough attention for the children suffering in a longstanding war in Uganda. Children in the thousands have been abducted and forced to fight in a way they do not understand.  I’m talking about boys as young as 11 years old forced to fight and kill others just to save their own lives.  It just doesn’t seem real that children could live this terror.

  I just spoke to Daniel Gonzalez, a college student from Fresno who is very passionate about this cause.  Daniel, if you see this please tell us more.

Written by Margie Ortiz

March 31st, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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