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Exclusive interview with Pedro Fernández!avatar

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During Sunday’s ¡Viva el Mariachi! Festival, singer Pedro Fernández displayed his rich voice, his quick dancing feet and his dazzling stage persona during a 90-minute set. Most of the 7,100 audience members responded to his electric performance by dancing, swaying, and singing along.

After the festival ended, I had the opportunity to do a one-on-one interview with Fernández in his dressing room. He was just as warm in person as he was on the stage, and his bright smile and quick laugh helped to ease the nervous butterflies in my stomach.

He told me that he was very happy to have returned to Radio Bilingüe’s annual festival, and declared the event to be “maravilloso” (marvelous!) He said he was thankful to the audience por sus aplausos, por sus gritos, porque cantaron mis canciones (for their applause, their shouts, because they sang my songs) and said he finished his performance with el deseo de regresar muy pronto (the desire to return very soon.)

One of my favorite elements of Fernández’s performance was his dancing. I understand that mariachis don’t traditionally dance, but he and his musicians lit up the stage with their energetic movements. When I asked Fernández why he chooses to dance during his performance, he said he tries to be different and distinct.

Nuestra música es muy bonita,” y tiene “ritmos y colores maravillosos,” (“Our music is very pretty,” and has “marvelous rhythms and colors,” he said. He said he does not dance during more romantic songs, pero “¿cuando son ritmicas, porque no?” (When the songs are rhythmic, why not?)

I also talked to him about the importance of passing along the tradition of Mexican music and culture onto the next generations, and he said this is very imporant to him. I know I left the festival with a new appreciation for mariachi music – and with three dashing pictures of Fernández, thanks to his publicist!

He dances!

Pedro Fernandez

Written by Rebecca Plevin

March 10th, 2009 at 10:30 am

2 Responses to 'Exclusive interview with Pedro Fernández!'

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  1. Wow! I can’t wait to read the full story! (If not posted on the website, please email it to me :) He has been around for so long and one of the things I like most about him is that he has had such a clean career. I mean, he is never involved in any scandals or bad publicity.
    “Quien” is my favorite song of his. I’m not crazy about the “rhythmic” songs, but “Yo no fui” was a huge hit (originally sang by the great Pedro Infante).
    Oh, rumor has it he may go back to acting and have the lead role in a new soap opera, I like him as an actor too :)


    Irene Rodriguez

    10 Mar 09 at 12:15 pm

  2. OMG! You got to meet the famous Pedrito Fernandez!!!! He will be “Pedrito” no matter how old he gets!!! We grew up listening to him and his famous song “La de la mochila azul” (the song that made him famous). The movie was good too!!!
    He is a charming man! Cute too!!!



    12 Mar 09 at 1:26 pm

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