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What happened to the decorations?avatar

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OK, so the 2009 Academic Decathlon in Stanislaus County is over with. Oakdale High School took first place for the 9th time in a row; Modesto High took second place; and, Central Catholic High school took third place.

The gym at Johansen High School during last Saturday’s competition was crowded but there was something missing. There were no props, no flags, no banners, no nothing, but a few balloons some students were holding.

This year’s theme was Latin América, and being from México myself I know there was plenty of cultural props the organizers could have used to decorate the place at least a little. You walked in and the place just looked boring and dry.  The most decorations you saw were the beads students from Central Valley High School were wearing on their necks! I know we are going through an economic crisis but I’m sure each school around the county would have happily volunteered to bring one single item. I know other counties did! Some even had folkloric dancers!  Although organizers, have said decorations would interfere with the student’s concentration during the super quiz, but a little color doesn’t bother anybody.

I hope next year organizers can make the super quiz a bit more fun and colorful for everyone attending.

Written by Olivia Ruiz

February 9th, 2009 at 3:07 pm

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