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Water expert slams farmworkersavatar

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I’m not sure if you watched KMPH Channel 26′s news last evening and if your mouth was left wide open with remarks made by Lloyd Carter of the California Water Impact Network. In response to reporter Ashley Ritchie’s question about the impact that the water cutoff from the Delta would have on thousands of farmworker families in the Valley’s westside, Carter said:

“They’re not even American citizens for starters. Do you thnk we should employ illegal aliens? What parent raises thier child to be a farm worker? These kids are the least educated people in America or the southwest corner of this Valley. They turn to lives of crime. They go on welfare. They get into drug trafficking and they join gangs.”

Some Latinos have responded to Carter’s statement.

What do you think?

Here is the link to the KMPH report.Lloyd Carter comment

Written by Juan Esparaza

February 6th, 2009 at 11:54 am

5 Responses to 'Water expert slams farmworkers'

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  1. This is the reply Lloyd Carter posted on his website on Feb. 6:

    On the evening of February 4, prior to a debate on water isues, I gave a brief interview to a KMPH Channel 26 TV reporter which aired in edited fashion later that night.

    My comments were directed at the exploitation of farmworkers in the southwestern corner of the valley, which is the poorest place in America but, as worded,
    implied that ALL farmworkers turn to lives of crime or gangs, which is obviously not true. My remarks
    were intended to focus on the social costs of exploiting an immigrant worker population which is denied adequate pay, housing and education.

    I now realize I made a terrible mistake in the way I expressed myself and I humbly apologize to all who were offended.

    I have a long reputation of supporting environmental and social justice for farmworkers, who put food on our tables every day in America.

    An apology aired on Channel 26 the next night. Again, I painfully realize my comments offended many people and I truly regret the error. It will not happen again. I am sick about this.


    Juan Esparaza

    6 Feb 09 at 1:38 pm

  2. Correction: Mr. Carter is not a “water expert”. he is an environmentalist with a long history of attacking the water projects that made this valley a great food producing region. he has long used this kind of language against farmers. he wants to see agriculture damaged, but this. this crosses the line. while there are some environmentalists that want to see a balanced approach to environment/economic policies, carter is not one. and sadly very,very few environmentalists understand that the the things they advocate have the exact human consequences that carter seems to desire.



    7 Feb 09 at 8:06 am

  3. I am still just stunned by Carter’s utter ignorance. There is no mistaking what he said and for him to use that age old excuse “taken out of context” is an insult to the intelligence of anyone watching. There is no way to minimize what he said. His words were beyond the pale of ignorant racism, lack of historical knowledge, and displayed the worst kind of hubris. He has no place in the public eye whatsoever. At least he did not wear his sheet when he made those comments, I guess it was at the cleaners that day.


    Charli Eaton

    9 Feb 09 at 9:10 am

  4. I too was disgusted when I heard Lloyd Carter’s comments on KMPH Fox 26. I was even one of the ones that thought that this man should never be forgiven. I have since changed my position. A few events have caused this. First off, the entire interview of Lloyd Carter by KMPH’s Ashley Ritchie was posted on along with a transcript on

    It is clearly shown within the context of the full interview, that Mr. Carter was pointing to social injustices, not stating his racist views. The comments are taken from two different points in the interview and are not even in Chronological order. Further, Ashley Ritchie’s comments to open the clip were never once uttered by Mr. Carter, further making me upset. The piece was biased and KMPH should apologize promptly just as Mr. Carter did.


    Jaun Tutoro

    14 Feb 09 at 11:16 am

  5. There will be a new story on all this controversy in the Feb. 18 issue of Vida en el Valle. I’ll post a link as quickly as possible. It will include a brief synopsis in Spanish for those who prefer español.


    Juan Esparaza

    17 Feb 09 at 4:24 pm

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