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There’s some definite unrest in the McGwire home. And a spot in the Hall of Fame for the slugger Mark McGwire is unlikely.

It seems the home-run slugger’s brother, Jay McGwire, is about to publish a book that details how he was the person who introduced Mark in 1994 to steroids. And it’s about to hit the newstands, like soon.

Eleven years ago, the pride of everything that is American baseball, Mark McGwire, hit 70 homers in a single season (1998). He was the slugger for the Oakland Athletics and the St. Louis Cardinals. But he retired from the sport after the 2001 season, completing 583 career homeruns.

But there’s two reasons why Mark’s name is coming up again. 1. The Hall of Fame ballots have been counted, the numbers released. Mark received 118 votes, which is 21.9%. And 2. His estranged brother, Jay, wants Mark to be ”free” of any regrets, so the book is supposed to help this? 

Mark McGwire testified before Congress in 2005, saying he wasn’t there to talk about the past. But he refused to deny ever taking steroids, which left sort of a bad feel. Publicly he had denied taking drugs that enhanced his play. Actually some of the media were actually afraid to ask him.

But now with his own brother, Jay, once a competitive bodybuilder, saying Mark actually did take drugs. Well that’s the kind of fame that closes the proverbial gates of the Hall of Fame.

He said, she said.

Former baseballer Jose Canseco said he supplied, even injected, players with drugs back in the 80s. Canseco included McGwire in the list. Soon, in two or three months, former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds will defend himself against charges of perjury. He once testified that he used steroids too, but then the BALCO (gate) scandal broke.

We’ll see how this plays out.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

January 24th, 2009 at 3:01 pm

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