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My New Year’s Resolutionsavatar

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Resolutions for 2009:

1. Blog more and read more blogs.

Ive only posted a couple of blogs on Vidas Web site, but I have learned that blogs are a great way to communicate with people in the Valley and across the country. I will also read more local blogs, like  If it werent for the Beehive, I would never have bought tickets to B.B. King’s New Year’s Eve performance in Fresno!

2. Buy local.

During one of my first weekends here, I went to a farmers market in downtown Fresno and bought some Mandarin oranges that were grown an hour away, in Orange Cove. I ate the first one in my car, and the juices were so sweet and tasty. At that moment, I was so glad to have moved to the Valley!

3. Maintain a sense of wonder

I recently drove out to Sanger and was amazed to drive alongside orchards filled with sunshine, even as the mountains out in the distance were capped with snow. I was told that people in the Valley get used to that scene, but I want to be continually thrilled by it.

4. Rely on the kindness of strangers (and co-workers)

Two days ago, I heeded the recommendations posted on my blog and went to Tacos Tijuana for lunch. Two days later, Im still thinking about those delicious tacos

 On that same day, I followed the recommendation of my co-workers and went to World Sports Café to watch my alma maters football team valiantly fight in a bowl game. There was a huge screen and drink specials

 what else could a sports fan ask for? (Except, maybe, a victory.)

5. Get over my minor crush on Diego Luna.

On second thought, thats probably not going to happen this year.

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December 31st, 2008 at 2:54 pm

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