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Merced’s Fuentes becomes an Angel.avatar

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As the Colorado Rockies closer in 2005, Merced’s Brian Fuentes finished the season at 2-5 with 31 saves and an ERA of 2.91.

On Wednesday, his future became brighter as he signed a two-year agreement with the AL West Champion Los Angeles Angels.

Congrats and felicidades amigo mio.

But you’ll have a big mound to climb and huge cleets to fill with the Angels. Why?

Former Angels’ saver Francisco Rodríguez has left the team. He’s signed a very coolio $37 million contract with the Mets on the east coast for three years.

But maybe Fuentes won’t try to replace K-Rod? If he does, he’ll only have to tie the record-breaking 62 saves in a single season set by Rodríguez.

Fuentes had 30 saves last season with an ERA of 2.73 after 67 games, and finished at 1-5.

Not too harsh.

Fuentes is a three-time All-Star player.

And I must say, I’ll support the home-town dude from Merced, which is a 45-minute drive north from Fresno, yes along the road construction and cookie-cutter homes that line Freeway 99.

Unfortunately Fuentes won’t bank like K-Rod, whose saves were nearly double that of Fuentes (62-30).

But if you need to know: It’s $17 million over two seasons for Fuentes. And there’s a 2009 option that could mean an extra $9 million.

Very cool for the former Blue Devils player from Merced College. Throughout his career, Fuentes has amassed a 17-27, 115 saves in 438 appearances, earning an ERA of 3.41.

That’s pretty cool bro.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

December 31st, 2008 at 2:51 pm

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