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Oh Romo, Romo. Wherefore art thou?avatar

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Is Tony Romo over?

Does this 44-6 loss to host Philadelphia Eagles – which yes KOs Dallas out of the NFC wildcard race and leaving Romo to play the Super Bowl in the limitless space of his dreams – mean it’s the end of anything good for the Cowboys?

It was Romo who admitted a playoff game victory was needed.

And it was Romo who was to lead Dallas to the NFC title, this after 13 victories last season.

And now for the team who started with good tidings and full of cheer, and promise, bows out at 9-7. And by the way, those 13 wins tied the Cowboys’ franchise record.

T.O. can’t blame Jessica this time.

Terrell Owens criticized Romo’s play last season when Jessica Simpson cheered on her beau. And Romo lost that game.

But Romo isn’t without any pain.

In the loss (27-3 at halftime, BLAST!), Romo was sacked three times, including one that left an abdomen injury.

And FIVE turnovers! There’s no comeback from this.

Backroom politics.

Several stories came out about talk in the locker room that Romo was favoring receivers in many of the games, sparking tension among the players, to the point where owner Jerry Jones was dodging questions from many of the dirt-seeking media.

Romo finishes the season with 450 attempts, completing 276, at 61.3%, while treading 3448 in yards.

And Jessica is rumored, in the tabloids, as wanting a baby.

But hey, don’t lose sleep, the New England Patriots won’t have a chance at the Super Bowl either.

Written by Daniel Cásarez

December 29th, 2008 at 9:59 am

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