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Cristian Castro needs therapyavatar

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OK, so I try to keep up with all the latest gossip so I can work it into our entertainment section and so I come accross a story that says Cristian Castro is now enganged to be married again!!! To a girl he has only been dating for a few months!! Am I the only one who sees this disturbing?

I am in shock! The Mexican singer is currently going through a very difficult and bitter divorce from Valeria Liberman and he is already thinking about marriage again. Mind you, this would make it his third marriage.

Worst of all, he keeps asking for mis mommy’s approval when it comes to his dates. ‘Pobrecito.’

Cristian, I suggest you go get yourself some theraphy ASAP because you cannot go through life jumping from one relationship to another and having mommy Veronica telling you whether she likes them or not.

Be a man, you’re 33 now, not 12, not 14, not 16. Besides, what kind of example do you think you’re showing your two kids?

Think about it!

Written by Olivia Ruiz

November 25th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

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